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India ought to force UN for referendum in Sri Lanka: Karunanidhi

Chennai, Nov 4 (): India should force United Nation to have a referendum under its command to facilitate Tamils living in Sri Lanka’s Northern and Eastern region to decide their prospects, said DMK president M. Karunanidhi on Saturday.

The Central government would have most probably recognized the impact of the resolution following the message which was passed to the United Nations by the DMK regarding the decision that was implemented in the recent conference of the TESO organization.

After meeting the Deputy General Secretary of the UN Jan Eliasson, by the DMK treasurer M.K. Stalin and party leader  T.R. Baalu , the issue is likely to get resolved soon  as the UN Secretary has ensured to look into the matter with reference to the  issues relating Tamils in Sri Lanka, said the DMK chief.

When asked about the stand of the  ruling Congress which came out openly by saying that it will not be appropriate to interfere in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka which is an independent country, the DMK chief said that this was the reason for the TESO conference to refrain from implementing a separate Tamil Eelam.

“By desiring a referendum, the DMK expects that this proposal would assist the Tamils in the Eelam and also help them in securing their rights,” said the DMK chief.

Admitting that the referendum would possibly bring an end to the “tears and blood “which has been shed by the Tamils in Sri Lanka, chairman of TESO Mr. Karunanidhi said that the DMK expects the country to use its power and help out the needy by achieving the goal and also expected countries all over the world to support the cause.

As part of its campaign for a referendum, the DMK has decided to gather global attention, in which the DMK leaders including M.K. Stalin, T.R. Baalu, and others will be taking part in the meeting that is likely to take place in London, said Mr Karunanidhi.