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RSS stays away from Gadkari controversy

Chennai, Nov 3 (): Trying to keep away from the recent allegations of BJP president Nitin Gadkari regarding his business transaction, the RSS on Friday said that whoever is found to be guilty according to law should not be spared and it is not ready to have a soft corner for any individual.

“Anyone found to be guilty in front of the law should be punished as per law,” said Dattatreya Hosabale,RSS Joint General Secretary to reporters on Gadkari issue at Kelambakkam while the inauguration function of the RSS National Executive Council meet was going on in the city suburbs.

Recalling the  earlier declaration of the RSS General Secretary Suresh Joshi who a week back said anyone or any group if found to be practicing in any  sort of illegal activities should be punished and  also must be  subjected to equitable probe, to which Mr Dattatreya, replied, “ I too have the same opinion.”

The three-day meeting of the RSS which took place in Chennai is likely to deliberate on different matters such as illegal immigration from Bangladesh and also the planned Land Acquisition Bill. The meeting saw the presence of RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and 400 workers from all over the country.

Not paying much heed to media on the issue of the BJP chief Gadkari’s alleged land acquisition,the  RSS general secretary said, “There are few others also who might be involved in such matters.” He also added by saying it is not possible to discuss the issue person wise. As per the policy of land acquisition, it will be followed and whoever comes under this jurisdiction will have to bow before the law.

Talking on  country’s interest, Mr Dattatreya said that  it will not be appropriate to have a soft corner on any illegal activities as  the RSS believes in law and have been respecting it. As far as the RSS is concerned it has been following the same stand and  the country comes first rather than anything else.