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Poonam Pandey’s first look of her debut adult film ‘Nasha’ is out

Mumbai, Nov 2 (): ‘Nasha’ is Poonam Pandey’s introductory film and the first looks of the film is out now. The raunchy black poster shows the human figures in many positions, thus spelling the name of the film “NASHA”.

The five alphabets of the film’s title NASHA have been made clearly readable using the star cast of the film. The limbs were used to create words and a part of it is left to the imagination of the viewers. To pose for the first looks, debutant Poonam is said to have participated in workshops that taught her “how to use her body to maximum effect!”

Nasha starts its shoot next week in Mumbai and in some outdoor locales.

The woman of controversies, Poonam Pandey, who is all set now to commence the shooting, said earlier the untitled movie would have intense and bold scenes but it would not face any problem with censor board. The actress was signed by producers Aditya Bhatia and Surender Suneja for their first film.

Poonam said, “Yes, it is an adult movie, it is a bold movie and the script of the movie is very strong. Usually, as all of us know people love to see bold films, but the script matters for me. The story of the movie is great. All my family members are very happy about my debut movie. They are saying it is the right step.”

The film is directed by ‘Jism’ director Amit Saxena. For the director, Nasha is the second Hindi feature film under direction and he said, “Nasha is much more than a movie. The movie has a cult title. No film has been named with just the word Nasha in the world”. He said the first look was shot very recently and the picture after leaking out has created much buzz.

Earlier, there were speculations that the film will be titled Charas, Nasha or just Addiction but now according to reports, the film is titled Nasha.