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Ashley Greene’s punching skills came handy in landing movie role

Washington, Nov 2 (ANI): Ashley Greene has revealed that she was so desperate to impress judges during an audition for a movie role that she punched a hole in the studio wall.

The 25-year-old ‘Twilight’ star admitted being so absorbed in her act rescuing a make-believe boyfriend for the tryout, that she was left embarrassed by what she ended up doing.

The actress apologized for her mistake and also offered to pay for the damage but the director immediately hired her for the role.

“I was in an audition and the director said, ‘Do you remember the scene in the script where you have to fight for your boyfriend’s life? I want you to work yourself up and charge across the room like you’re running to save him’,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling British GQ magazine.

“And after I did it, I couldn’t compose myself and I just started crying. And then they asked me to do it again, and I did, and I ended up putting a hole through the wall… I was like, ‘I’ll totally pay for it! I’m so sorry.’ (But I) got the role, so…” she said. (ANI)