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US envoy urges China to re-examine policies towards Tibet

Washington, Nov 1 (): US ambassador to China, Gary Locke insisted Beijing on Monday to examine the policies towards Tibetans again as he admitted that he had visited monasteries during a wave of self-immolation protests.

The US ambassador speaking to an online medium in United States from Beijing, said last month he stopped at the monasteries in the crisis of Aba region to “get gratitude of the Tibetan culture and their way of life.”

The Tibetan area, Aba, of province Sichuan, has been a center of protests against the rule of Beijing. About 60 ethnic Tibetans, most of them nuns and monks, have set fire to themselves in Tibet and Sichuan since February 2009.

NTDTV reports that in a week of fiery protests against communist rule and suppression in Tibet, an unprecedented seven self-immolations occurred since last Monday. Thus the Tibetan self-immolation protests against Chinese rule have entered a new phase following a record number of burnings last week.

Locke said, “We give an appeal to Chinese to meet the representatives of Tibetan people and also re-examine some policies which have directed to some violence and restrictions and self-immolations.”

“We have serious concerns over the violence and self-immolations, occurred over last few years,” Locke said, describing the incidents as “very deplorable.”

Locke called China to give respect to the Tibetans’ religion, language and culture. “Nobody wants such kind of actions, or people choosing that kind of actions. Too many deaths,” he said.

US has repeatedly insisted China to report the Tibetan grievance as it is unusual for the foreign officials or the media to visit the Tibetan area on unsupervised tours.

In its previous statement Washington has insisted the leaders of China to continue dialogue with the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader of Tibet, who went into exile in 1959 in India and enjoys very strong support from the public in United States.