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Sandy looks enormous from space: Sunita Williams

Houston,Nov 1 (): Superstorm Sandy, which has claimed several lives and caused havoc in the thickly populated East coast areas of US, looks enormous when looked from space, says Sunita Williams, the Indian-American astronaut.

Williams is preparing her for one more spacewalk scheduled on Thursday to find and repair an ammonia coolant leak in International Space Station (ISS).

The commander of ISS, Sunita said the super storm that destroyed East Coast of US is enormous, when looked from the space. Williams said she along with her crew members spotted out a big whirl at the center of the Sandy as the storm neared the land Monday. The huge cloud cover was stretched from Atlantic to almost the entire way to Chicago. She said that the storm looked huge and hoped everybody down is sound and safe.

On Thursday, the lady astronaut will add one another record as the world’s most experienced spacewalking woman. Williams and one of her crewmates would undertake spacewalk to fix the repairs in ISS.

The repair is a tiny leak in ISS, which is equivalent to one tiny hole having a diameter of human hair. If the leak is not repaired or bypassed, the coolant found in channel 2B solar array would drop below the safety margins in next few months, pulling down critical power channel.

The commander of Expedition 34, Sunita Williams and her Japanese counterpart Akihiko Hoshide are preparing to undertake the task outside ISS to operate a valve and reconfigure coolant lines, separating the portion of channel 2B coolant loop that twists through large folding radiator.

If the leak finally goes away,which could be found out after several weeks,engineers will recognize that the leak was in original radiator, mostly expected to be the result of the impact of space debris. In such case, the station manager could choose to use older radiator forever, to solve the problem.