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Poonam Pandey posts erotic yogic pose for her debut film

Mumbai, Nov 1 (): Poonam Pandey uses her Twitter usually to post photos and videos that are clearly objectionable and raunchy. However, it looks like that she loves that kind of self-publicity.

The latest news is that she was offered a movie. The first look from her debut movie has not been yet publicized by her but a very bold and provocative photo of her from her movie’s photo shoot has been posted online.

Previously, there were lots of speculations revolving about the title of the film. The names of the title that were guessed were Charas, Addiction and Nasha. But now, reports say the movie is named, Nasha. Poonam had been continuously dropping hints about the title of her movie through her tweets and she called it ‘Get Addicted Movement.’

The actress wrote on her Facebook that director Amit Saxena has directed her film. He has previously directed Sunny Leone’s film, Jism. According to Poonam, Amit Saxena has amazing sensibility as a filmmaker and Jamie Fowlds has handled the camera.

The 21-year old actress said that the film is tenser and very different from other kinds of films which are given to audience. She added that there are many types of addictions. Her movie is about one kind of addiction and she assures that this movie is surely a movie which one would remember in the coming years.

Poonam said that till date she had over hundred offers to act in many types of films. But she chose this movie because she liked to be the main part of the story, not to be one part of the script. She did not like to be downgraded on the set, but she wanted to put her effort properly in acting in the movie and this movie being produced by Aditya Bhatia promised to be a kind of movie that she liked.

The first look of the film is expected to be launched in the coming week.