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Tharoor attacks Modi who called his wife 50-crore-girl-friend

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 31 () : Punching back at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Minister of State for Human Resources Development (HRD) Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday countered a thumping  attack at  Modi by saying his wife is priceless who is more than worth fifty crores.

Tharoor accused Modi for interfering in his personal life and hit back for naming his wife ‘50-crore girlfriend.’

“My wife is something more than your imagination of fifty crores. She is invaluable. To understand this you have to love someone,” tweeted Tharoor.

In a piercing mockery against Tharoor on Monday, Narendra Modi  while addressing a public rally did not directly refer  to  the Union Minister who was sworn as the state  HRD minister  during  the Congress reshuffle  on Sunday.

Even though Modi indirectly attacked Tharoor it was quite evident whom Modi is trying to point out. While attacking on Tharoor’s personal life, Narendra Modi during an election rally said that the Congress leader who was involved in accumulating wealth from cricket had a girlfriend worth fifty crores.

“While the controversy was going on, the girl friend became his wife and now the matter has not yet come to a conclusion and again he is inducted into the cabinet, ” said Modi.

Tharoor who was involved in the 2010 controversy of the IPL cricket was asked to resign from his ministry by the ruling Congress. While speaking in a rally at Himachal Pradesh, Modi slammed the Congress to have introduced Tharoor once again in the cabinet even after his involvement in the money laundering case in the 2010 IPL cricket.

Modi’s comment came following the allegations of a clash in encouraging the IPL team for Kochi that was related with Sunanda Pushkar whom Shashi Tharoor married a few months later.

Modi did not stop by just making fun of Shashi Tharoor. He also passed sarcastic remarks against the Prime Minister by calling him as ‘Maun Mohan Singh’.