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Pankaj Advani and Rupesh Shah win World Billiards title

London, Oct 30 (): Pankaj Advani, Indian billiards player has proved his class again by winning the World Billiards title for the seventh time by beating Mike Russell, the defending champion in the final match in UK.

Pankaj Advani, 27, who is India’s top billiards player, took the title against Russell, 43-year-old Englishman, who has now settled in Qatar and has won ten titles himself.

Another billiard player, Rupesh Shah also brought delight for the Indians by sweeping the world title in timed format and point format, respectively in the final match of World Billiards on Saturday, by defeating Australia’s Matthew Bolton.

While Rupesh beat Matthew Bolton by 6-2 to take over his second world title in the format, Advani took his seventh title in World Championship, beating the defending champion and the English cueist, Mike Russell by 1895 – 1216.

Advani has won almost every billiards title on offer at the national, Asian and world levels. In this recent victory, it was history for Pankaj Advani, who had earlier crushed Russell 2030-1253 in 2009 in the final game of World Professional Billiards Championship at the same venue.

He said that the victory, like the other victories should be treasured. He said this recent victory has its special meaning as he had faced unique challenges in this year’s tournament and he added that the win is a testament when you follow what is said by your heart, nothing is impossible.

He won his first World Billiards title in 2005, when he made history by becoming first cueist ever to win the Points and Timed format of IBSF World Billiards Championship in the same year, an achievement he repeated in 2008.

Rupesh on winning the second title in World Billiards point-format on Saturday said that he was on the top of the world. He said that was the most satisfying moment of his career till date.