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Labour Party racks up 11-point lead over Tories, finds poll

London, Oct. 30 (ANI): British Labour Party has an 11-point lead over the Conservative Party, according to the latest opinion poll.

The survey conducted by ComRes for the Independent has put Ed Miliband’s opposition up by six points on 44 percent and David Cameron’s Tories down by two points at 33 percent.

“That is the biggest such advantage since the 2010 general election and would produce a Labour majority of 116 at a general election”, the polling firm calculated.

According to the Daily Star, the Liberal Democrats dropped three points to 12 percent.

According to the survey, two thirds (67 percent) of voters, including 40 percent of Tory backers, believe that the Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne are ‘out of touch with ordinary people’.

It found that 46 percent respondents agreed the Tory/Lib Dem coalition Government was ‘broadly competent’ despite making some mistakes, with 48 percent disagreeing with the same. (ANI)