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Indian-origin filmmaker D’Souza ‘diverted profits from anti-Obama film’ to fund illicit affair

New York, Oct 30 (ANI): Dinesh D’Souza, the Indian-American evangelical scholar behind a high-grossing film that condemns US President Barack Obama, has now been accused of diverting profits he made from the movie.

D’Souza allegedly diverted profits from “2016: Obama’s America,” the anti-Obama movie, to a new book project, one of D’Souza’s partners charged in a lawsuit.

Douglas Sain also charged that D’Souza of using some money to fund the affair that led to his ouster as president of The King’s College, the New York Daily News reports.

According to the paper, D’Souza denied Sain’s charges and cheered a San Diego judge’s decision denying Sain’s immediate request for a restraining order.

“I’m used to hearing Obama make exaggerations about ‘fair share,’ but this request was over the top,” D’Souza told the conservative outlet Newsmax.

According to the paper, D’Souza and Sain and a third party, Veterans Gateway Inc., are fighting over future DVD distribution of the movie, which has grossed over 33 million dollars.

Sain allegedly wanted a new contract for marketing the DVDs, which could be worth 1.2 million dollars.

According to D’Souza’s lawyer, when D’Souza said no, Sain sued him. (ANI)