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Ex-Bangladesh PM Khaleda Zia meets External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid

New Delhi, Oct.30 (ANI): Former Prime Minister of Bangladesh and chief of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), Khaleda Zia was the first foreign dignitary to meet India’s new foreign minister, Salman Khurshid in New Delhi on Tuesday.

During her stay, from October 28 to November 03, Zia would be discussing with key leaders and officials of Indian government on matters of mutual interest between the two nations.

Reportedly, Zia visit has been in response to an invitation extended by then Foreign Minister Somanahalli Mallaiah Krishna, who resigned on Saturday from the council of ministers.

Her visit is seen as a part of an ongoing engagement with a democratic and multiparty polity in Bangladesh, which would provide an opportunity to exchange views on the mattes of mutual interest and would also build positive momentum between the two neighbouring countries.

Begum Khaleda Zia is also expected to visit sacred shrine of Sufi saint, Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer in India’s northwestern Rajasthan state.

Her last visit to India, incidentally an official one was in 2006, when she was the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

It is well-known that Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has maintained an anti-India stance since its inception as a political entity although New Delhi is keen to mend fences with her in the run up to the general elections.

During her visit, she is also scheduled to call on President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and National Security Adviser Shiv Shankar Menon

India has managed to add some substance to its ties with Bangladesh during the ruling Awami League’s tenure in office. (ANI)