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Biden blasts ‘tied in knots boy scout’ Romney of ‘pirouetting more than a ballerina’

Washington, Oct. 30 (ANI): US Vice president Joe Biden, who was in Ohio with former president Bill Clinton during a campaign rally, accused Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney of ‘pirouetting more than a ballerina’ on his auto industry stances and called the ad ‘an absolutely patently false assertion’.

“This guy pirouettes more than a ballerina,” Biden told the crowd in Youngstown.

“He ties himself in more knots than a boy scout does in a knot-tying contest,” Clinton added during the rally.

According to Politico, Biden recounted Romney penning an op-ed asserting ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’, which recommended that no federal money be provided to the industry, and then saying during a recent presidential debate that he agreed with President Barack Obama’s handling of the crisis, which required federal funding.

He then called Romney’s ad running in Ohio ‘an absolutely patently false assertion’ that suggested Obama ‘made the companies go bankrupt, gave the industry to the Italianas who are selling it to the Chinese. Whoa!

“…It’s an absolutely, patently false assertion,” Biden said, adding: “Ladies and gentlemen, have they no shame? Romney will say anything, absolutely anything it seems.”

Clinton told the crowd that bailing out the industry was the right thing to do, and now, it’s Ohio’s turn to return the favor.

“He had your back when it was against the wall,” Clinton said, adding: “Now you’ve got to have his back.” (ANI)