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Modi unshakable in Gujarat despite Keshubhai Patel’s criticism

Ahmedabad, Oct 29 ():Keshubhai Patel, president of Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP), criticized Chief Minister Narendra Modi for utilizing  the taxpayers’ funds of  Rs 160 crore for conducting his Sadbhavna fast last year.

“Narendra Modi has misused the money of the taxpayers in order to build his own image in the name of fasts done by him,” said Keshubai Pael, while addressing a public gathering here in Ahmedabad.

Patel blamed Modi to have wasted a huge amount of public money for getting cheap publicity in the pretext of organizing a number of festivals, expos as well as summits all over the state. He also requested the people of Gujarat to throw out Modi-led BJP government which has been circulating false hopes and information of growth in the state, added Mr Patel.

The former chief minister also claimed that the state which was at the peak in the field of industrial development of the country at the time of his rule has come down gradually to the fifth position.

Asserting Modi’s plan to arrange eight hundred Robots from Japan while he toured the country recently was intended for attracting investment in Gujarat which would lead to unemployment among the poor.

Modi intentionally has relaxed certain rules just for facilitating big traders to set up their industrial plants in Gujarat. At some point Patel also challenged Modi to hold a public debate with Gordhan Zadafiya GPP general secretary who knows the ins and outs about Modi and his corruption issues.

On the other hand,  a majority of the people of Gujarat back Modi as they feel their chief minister is at the edge of occupying the country’s highest post as the Prime Minister.

In view of the state moving closer to polls, a survey was held in Gujarat asking the opinion of the people as to whom they think can be the future PM among Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Modi obtained 56% votes, Rahul Gandhi achieved 35% and Nitish Kumar was left with just 2% to his credit.