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Rudd says was ‘betrayed’ in leadership coup when he was Oz PM

Sydney, Oct. 28 (ANI): Kevin Rudd has penned down his own account about the ‘betrayal’ of being dumped as Australian prime minister and his secret offer to deliver Julia Gillard the leadership.

The document has described the leadership coup in his own words that was provided to author Maxine McKew in the preparation for her book, Tales From The Political Trenches.

“My ambition was to hand over to Julia”, Rudd said.

According to news.com.au, in his written account of the leadership coup Rudd has written that the political ambush was made worse by the fact that he backed Gillard’s ambitions.

“I was married to a strong woman, I was the son of one and I was the father of one,” Rudd writes.

“And I too wanted to see a female prime minister. So given all of that, I was stunned when the coup occurred,” he added.

“Did I feel let down and indeed betrayed?,” Rudd wrote, adding: “Well of course. I am as human as the next person.

According to the report, Rudd wrote he was blindsided by Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan who gave him no indication there was a problem in 2010.

The Queenslander revealed that he repeatedly discussed handing over the leadership to Gillard.

“I also said to her in my office one day in early 2010 that I had no intention of breaking the record book for being the longest serving Labor prime minister,” Rudd wrote.

But in an olive branch, he has apologised to the ALP for his failures as PM and also urged Labor MPs to “put this whole chapter of ugly political history behind us”, he added.