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Duchess Kate’s topless pic photog’s name given to French authorities

London, Oct 28 (ANI): The French authorities have been tipped off with the name of the paparazzi photographer, who clicked topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The authorities had been seeking the identity of the photographer – understood to be a man – since Prince William filed a criminal complaint against the person in Paris.

It is believed up to 200 intimate photos were clicked of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The paparazzo is now likely to face a police grilling. If found guilty of taking the pictures of the 30-year-old royal on the balcony of a holiday chateau in Provence, he could be jailed for up to one year and fined 36,000 pounds for breach of privacy, the Mirror reported.

“William and Kate are determined to bring the person who took those photos to justice and they’re pushing hard for a custodial sentence,” a source said.

“They want to make an example of this person,” the source added.

In September, pictures of Kate wearing nothing but a pair of bikini bottoms were published in the French gossip magazine, Closer.

She and her husband William, 30, had been staying a week earlier at the Chateau d’Autet that is owned by the Queen’s nephew, Lord Linley – when the photos were taken. (ANI)