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Alagiri accuses Stalin of not selecting cadres from Madurai

Chennai, Oct 28 ():Not agreeing to elder brother MK Alagiri’s charges who  said that party men sent by him were not approved by Stalin  for the  youth wing posts, to which DMK treasurer M K Stalin refused by saying that the party cannot afford any recommendations.

In his recent visit to Madurai to meet DMK leader N Periyasamy who has been jailed, Stalin admitted that members of  youth wing are selected by the process of undergoing an interview and not firmly on anybody’s recommendation.

Till now Karunanidhi’s family members are maintaining privacy by not complaining against each other; this is the first instance that the family has come out openly charging in public.

“For getting appointed in youth wing posts, each one has to go through an interview which will be informed much earlier regarding the selection to the party. Cadres are selected according to their talent while attending the interview. Recommendations are strictly prohibited,” stated Stalin to reporters while coming out of the jail after meeting party leader N Periyasamy.

Stalin also said that he did not consult the DMK chief regarding Alagiri’s allegation for not selecting workers from Madurai.

Expressing anxiety about Stalin’s activities, the Madurai strongman said that if men sent by him are repeatedly rejected, party members will then refuse to mind his words and disobey his orders which might even lead to a possible split in the party.

A day after the criticism by Alagiri who charged Stalin for ignoring party cadres from Madurai, the annoyed loyalists of Alagiri said that from Stalin’s numerous visits to Madurai,it is evident that he is intending to make his base concrete in Madurai and by now a number of district secretaries including N Periysamy have already extended their support to Stalin.

A short while before Stalin’s visit, Alagiri’s men greeted party treasurer Stalin by putting up a huge digital board on account of his 64th birthday that falls on Jan 30.