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Modi’s visa application will be handled as per law : US diplomat

Ahmedabad, Oct 27 (): Even though US will have no objection in supporting trade benefit of American companies in Gujarat, it has declared to handle Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s visa application as per the immigration laws of the country, said an US diplomat.

“When anyone sends an application to visit US, it will be handled by the immigration law. A question is often raised on Modi’s possible application for visa to visit US. In fact it is not up to me and I cannot clarify on anyone’s visa application. It is permitted according to immigration rules whenever there is an application,” said William Burns, Deputy Secretary of State.

Mr Burns was acting in response to a question whether the US has taken any decision on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s possible visit to US after the British government has changed in this regard by granting visa to Modi .

The British government after a decade has decided to wrap up the cold war with the Chief Minister of Gujarat, probably signalling the Bharatiya Janata Party leader who is on the edge of becoming the BJP’s Prime Ministerial Candidate. But unfortunately for Modi the US appears to stick to its ground by not permitting him a visa.

Till now the US has not yet announced any change from its previous decision. Perhaps there might be a possible change if Narendra Modi becomes the country’s Prime Minister later, said sources. Sources also said that the US lawmakers have been urging the US government to reorient the official strategy of the country towards the Gujarat chief minister Mr Narendra Modi, along with Congressman Joe Walsh.

Narendra Modi was charged of preventing the police force from intervening in the 2002 Gujarat riots in which as much as thousands were killed in the deadly war; evidently mostly muslims were killed including three Britons as well.