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Massive solar flare erupts from Sun

New York, Oct 26 (): The Sun has released the most powerful solar flame into space, discharging waves of huge radiation that may cause short radio blackout in our Earth.

NASA’s Solar Observatory noted the great ultraviolet flash around 8 pm on 23rd October. However, the blast has not created a significant coronal mass ejection(CME) and NASA declares no any auroras are expected due to the blast.

But, according to Carter Observatory of Wellington in New Zealand, the area from the blasts occurred in Sun is facing Earth more and further procedures over the coming week may lead to Aurora Australis, or southern lights.

Alan Gilmore, superintendent of John Observatory said sun is emitting out solar flares all time, but to view colourful aurora to light up in the sky, it needs to be heading towards Earth. But these solar flares are not coming in the direction of earth.

The latest emitted solar flare is the fourth significant flare from its active region of the southeast side of sun known as AR1598, which was emitted three days earlier. This X-class solar flare was not focussed towards Earth. This solar flare was rated X1.8. An X3 flare is three times stronger than an X1 flare.

Solar flares are an X-class, are powerful spurts of radiation and are not destructive as this solar flare cannot pass near Earth’s atmosphere. This solar flare can disturb communications and GPS signals anywhere for hours.

The American official source for the space weather estimates and alerts a categorised radio blackout due to the latest solar flare as an R3 on a scale from R1 to R5.

The first powerful flare of this present solar cycle happened in 2011 February, and there have been 15 X class since. The most powerful solar flare in this activity cycle occurred on August 9, last year.