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Bigg Boss 6 : Sayantani Ghosh evicted

Mumbai, Oct 27 (): The television actress, Sayantani Ghosh was eliminated from the sixth season of Bigg Boss on Friday. The actress is the third contestant to be evicted from the house. She has spent only a short period of three weeks in the house, but in the course of time Sayantani had made a good relationship with all contestants in the reality show and had actively participated in all the household tasks and chores.

The nominations for the third-week eviction process took place in a very interesting manner. All the housemates said they would not take part in the nomination process, so, Bigg Boss asked all the contestants to give out names of two people they like to save from eviction. In this process, no one gave their votes to Urvashi Dholakia, Sana Khan, Sayantani and Rajev Paul, so, these four people were automatically nominated for the third week eviction.

Following face-off, Sana Khan was saved from the eviction, leaving Sayantani Ghosh, Urvashi Dholakia and Rajev Paul as the nominees of this week ouster. Later, Urvashi was announced she was safe; Sayantani and Rajev were left out to get the verdict. As usual, Salman Khan made us believe that it was Rajeev who got evicted, but it was Sayantani, who got eliminated.

Sayantani was eliminated as she received less number of votes in spite being a popular figure on small screens – featuring in several TV shows like Naaginn, Kumkum and very recently she was seen in Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein.

Sayantani, who has also done various Bengali films, said she was not prepared to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss show very soon. The 25-year-old actress said that finally she was nominated for eviction alongside co-contestants Urvashi Dholakia and Rajev Paul and continued saying she had got caught in an unusual situation which led to her eviction this week.