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Delhi youth gets life term for raping his mother

New Delhi, Oct 26 (): A Delhi court yesterday imposed life term to a man for raping his mother, who earlier was convicted for murdering his father but as there was no sufficient evidence against him he was released in that case.

The man after getting released in his father’s murder case raped his mother earlier this year. The court while declaring the verdict noted that with this heinous crime, he proved that there is no difference between him and an animal.

The court also observed that the man whose activities have been worse than an animal neither deserve any mercy nor sympathy as the Supreme Court has also ordered that any kind of humanity in cases related to sexual crimes will  be considered as both objectionable and against the public interest.

“The accused deserves no mercy for such an awful offense which is the gravest sinful act of behav worse than an animal,” said Vijay Kumar, Dahiya Additional Sessions Judge.

The accused was imposed a fine of Rs 20,000 by the judge who declared the amount to be handed over to the mother who had been made a victim by her own son.

On May 3 this year, the man in an inebriated state went to his mother’s house and when she raised alarm he threatened her to kill and raped her by saying that he wanted to teach her a lesson.

The poor mother then locked her son inside the room and informed the police. The woman said that her son was a drug addict who had earlier killed his father.  After being released in his father’s case, the mother did not allow him to stay with her, which had angered him and vowed to teach her a lesson. She also said that due to his continuous harassment, his wife left him.

The accused pleaded to the court to have mercy on him as there was no one to look after his two children which was rejected by the court saying if the sentence  in this  case was lessened then moral values in the society will be damaged.