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Cheese can decrease male fertility – Study

San Diego, Oct 26 () : Harvard University researchers have found that young men who eat three portions of cheese per day will tend to have lesser quality sperm when compared to other men and they are less likely to enjoy fatherhood.

The known fact is that hypertension is responsible for reducing semen count and which is caused by high fatty foods like gravy, butter, bacon, chocolate and cheese. Comparing all these items, cheese has been assumed as the major culprit.

Now according to new study, the Harvard School scientists of Public and Health in Boston have revealed young men who take more than 3 pieces of cheese per day may increase the risk in the chances of attaining fatherhood. Male fertility could be affected due to various factors including the environmental hazards and lifestyle factors, particularly their eating habits.

In the course of study, diets of about 189 healthy men between the ages 19-25 were compared. All the men filled a long questionnaire which contained questions based on their everyday diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat and others kinds of food during a week. Their sperms were also tested in laboratory to understand their shapes and speeds with which they swam.

It was found that men who ate more than three portions of full-fat dairy food per day had 25 per cent decrease in sperm quality. A portion comprised of a teaspoon of cream, 28 grams of cheese, a 250ml glass of full-fat milk or a scoop of ice cream.

Myriam Afeiche, who led the study explained estrogen, the female hormone present in the cow’s milk may be responsible for disturbing men’s fertility. She also added pesticides, heavy metals and chlorinated pollutants that find their way into the dairy products could also be blamed. The study has been presented at an annual conference of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, in San Diego.