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Bali’s largest Hindu temple of 14th century discovered

Denpasar, Indonesia, Oct 26 (): Archaeologists believe that they have found an ancient and the largest Hindu temple in the Bali islands of Indonesia.

Jakarta Globe said when the construction employees were digging for a drainage basin near a Hindu learning center in Jalan Trengguli, in East Denpasar, their tools hit upon a big stone-like structure about 1 meter underground. The crew excavated a big stone plate, the first piece of many found at that site.

The owner of the Hindu learning center, Ida Resi Bujangga said to media yesterday that he immediately reported about the findings to local archaeology department. The Denpasar Archeology Agency took charge of the archaeological site and started digging, unearthing a substantial foundation of a structure which they found to be a 11m long structure.

An official of the agency, Wayan Suantika said that they would carry on the excavation process until whole stone structure is discovered. He said as the excavation was under progress, the team did not yet know whether enough stones would be unearthed to allow them to reconstruct the temple.

The paper said as Suantika citing to the reporters that by judging the square stone structural similar to the ancient temples discovered in East Java, it is predicted to date back to 14th century.

He added that the strengthener layer found in between stone plates also were the features usually seen in the 13th or 14th century stone structures. Also, the local residents have found stone plates and ceramic wares at that site. The discovery is said to be the biggest stone temple discovered in Bali.

In 1986, the Wasa Temple was discovered in Gianyar, which is 10 metres wide and 11 metres long. In 2010, Bali archaeologists found submerged 16 sarcophaguses in Gianyar.

The famous resort island is home for most of the Hindus in the country, having the biggest Muslim population in the world.