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60pc people still base first impressions on appearance

London, Oct 26 (ANI): Three in 5 people form their opinion about someone within just five seconds of meeting them, a survey has revealed.

More than third respondents said that appearance was everything when forming first impression, the Daily Mail reported.

A quarter of those polled admitted that they always evaluate someone by their appearance alone.

Those living in the capital are the most likely to “judge a book by its cover” with 37 percent of Londoners reporting that they “always” judge someone by their appearance when meeting them for the first time.

The people in the south west are the most forgiving with only 17 percent basing their opinion about someone solely on their appearance.

One in ten Britons confessed that they walked out on a first date, as they were turned off by what their prospective partner was wearing or how they looked.

A third admitted to judge a colleague on their first day of work based on the clothes they wore.

Almost half of Britons revealed that appearance is the prime factor to consider in an interview situation – over experience or qualifications.

“It seems from the research that we are hard wired to make decisions about people based on first impressions,” a spokesman from Wonga.com who carried out the survey said.

“This could mean that people are unfairly judged in social and business environments,” the spokesman said. (ANI)