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Gadkari cancels trip to Delhi, Corporate Affairs Ministry starts investigation

Nagpur, Oct 25 ():Nitin Gadkari who was about to leave for Delhi today had to cancel his trip after the Corporate Affairs Ministry had started their preliminary investigation in the companies which invested huge amounts into the business of the BJP president.

Gadkari who faces allegations of misconduct in his business transaction has been under tremendous pressure after he was questioned regarding the source of funding into his Purti Power and Sugar Ltd, a week back.

According to sources, preliminary investigations will be held by the company registrar in cities such as Mumbai and Nagpur, the places where the alleged Purti Company has been registered in order to make sure whether these companies have done the registration according to law or  hidden any sort of facts. If the investigation panel finds indication of misconduct then the inquiry will be further sent to special frauds unit of Corporate Affairs ministry.

While talking to reporters, though Mr Gadkari did not give any special reason for calling off his trip to Delhi, it was believed that he has planned to meet the RSS top leaders in their headquarters at Nagpur which is very closely situated from where Gadkari resides.

Even after senior BJP leaders such as LK Advani and Sushma Swaraj yesterday assured by proclaiming that the entire BJP party will be behind the party president in his hour of need, the RSS which elected Nitin Gadkari as the party president for the second consecutive term seemed to be silent by maintaining distance from the charges made against the BJP chief.

Sources said that the Sangh Parivar is apparently concerned about the numerous charges which Mr Gadkari is facing that will put the BJP under pressure and which will likely ruin the party’s political ambitions at this juncture when the party should get ready for the Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh polls, ahead of the 2014 elections as well.