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Shark attack kills surfer off Surf Beach, California

California, Oct 24 (): A 38-year old California surfer was attacked and killed after shark attack on Tuesday, off a beach at the California’s Central coast, authorities said. The victim was not identified immediately.

This incident is the second deadly shark attack in the past two years at the same Surf Beach, said the authorities of Santa Barbara County. The authorities closed the beach as soon as the attack occurred.

The Santa Barbara County sheriff’s department stated the victim’s friend witnessed the attack. He swam to pull his friend out of water. One of the victim’s friends gave first aid, while the other called for help and it was learnt the victim was already dead.

Sheriff’s officials told the kind of shark that killed the surfer and few other details are under investigation.

Surf Beach, situated on the Vandenberg Air Force Base, is used by the public. Lt Erik Raney said that they had spotted shark at the Santa Barbara coastline frequently in the recent past. About a month ago, warning signs were given at the harbour of Santa Barbara, about 65 miles (105 km) south-east of the Surf Beach, soon after a huge white shark was sighted by a surfer.

Erik said the officers of Surf Beach so far had not issued any notice on public alert. But the officials at the Air Force Base warned people to keep away from the beach side following the attack on Tuesday morning.

In 2010, October 22, at the same beach Lucas Ransom, a surfer was attacked by a huge white shark and died due to heavy blood loss.

Surfers are the most frequent victims and Great White sharks are the most frequent attackers, according to the Shark Research Committee, a non-profit group that documents attacks. Death by shark attack is rare. Pew Environment Group report said an average of 65 shark attacks occur each year around the world that typically result in two or three deaths.