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Salman Khan inaugurates painting exhibition in Mumbai

Mumbai, Oct.24 (ANI): Bollywood star Salman Khan inaugurated a painting exhibition by artist Rouble Nagi here on Tuesday.

The exhibition titled ‘Rhythm of Colours’ saw abstract work and theme-based paintings.

Khan, who himself has reached new heights as a painter, took a keen interest in Nagi’s work.

He said: “I like the paintings very much. I like her murals very much, and in fact, I have some of her paintings. My sister has got her murals; she is really good at

what she does. I really like her work and especially this collection; it is her best work. Her style is totally different from my style. I do different kind of work and she does absolutely different work. I don’t understand abstract, but this is the first time that I have seen abstract and it makes sense.”

Nagi has exhibited her paintings at several art shows across India, with murals being her specialty. (ANI)