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Govt to probe Gadkari’s business ventures

New Delhi, Oct 24 (): BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who  is under tremendous pressure after corruption charges have been levelled against him in a recent allegation made by Arvind Kejriwal, is likely to be investigated on the allegations of uncertain funding regarding the Purti Power as well as Sugar Ltd, that are controlled by him.

While Union Minister Veerappa Moily was asked by reporters he said, “Corruption charges against the BJP president have been revealed. The centre has also decided to probe into the allegation and will also check whether all the records are appropriate. The concerned officers have been asked to probe.”

Following IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal’s strong protest against the BJP chief, the government at the centre decided to probe Nitin Gadkari. In a previous allegation, both Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan criticized the ruling government who said that the ruling Congress will not pay much attention to the allegations as both are having good understanding and are on equal wavelength.

Extending support to Nitin Gadkari, party senior leader Sushma Swaraj said that “the entire BJP party will stand behind the party president.”

As soon as the overwhelming report of allegation was levelled against Gadkari by the members of India Against Corruption, the BJP assembled around its leader who was offered considerable investments from the IRB in addition to sixteen other groups all over the country that is believed to be under the control of Gadkari’s very close associate raising suspicion about the motivation behind the investment on Purti Power and Sugar Ltd.

Meanwhile, BJP members yesterday said that the party chief Nitin Gadkari has no hesitation towards any sort of inquiry who wholeheartedly welcomes the decision of the government and is ready to cooperate with the inquiry.

According to reports, it is believed that the IRB Company offered loan of Rs 165 crores to Purti Ltd, headed by Gadkari. The company offered the amount after Gadkari granted a road contract when he was serving as PWD minister of Maharashtra.