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Aamir Khan cancels Rs 150 cr worth endorsement deals

Mumbai, Oct 24 (): While many celebrities in the Bollywood film industry receiving a lot of money through their brand endorsements, Aamir Khan is willing to sacrifice all such funds for a social cause.

The Bollywood actor has cancelled endorsement deals worth Rs 150 crore to concentrate his time more on his social movement through his popular TV show Satyamev Jayate’s second season.

A source said that Aamir is now going for a complete image makeover and he wishes to take the path of social cause. He likes to get associated on social grounds only. The actor was recently honoured for his social programme on TV – ‘Satyamev Jayate’ by the National Commission for Scheduled Castes.

Aamir Khan has also confirmed the news saying that he had cancelled all his endorsement deals. He has apparently started work for the second season of his TV show Satyamev Jayate.

During the first season of the show, Aamir Khan barred his promos from broadcast during the show to stay away from the brands cashing in on the show.

The only brand Aamir would still approve is the Incredible India campaign. In the month of August, the Bollywood actor had few endorsement deals in his hands, but sources say he dismissed all his present contracts very recently.

Few days back, Aamir Khan flew with his mother Zeenat to Saudi Arabia for annual Haj pilgrimage. Sources said that Aamir had earlier promised his mother that he would accompany her for the Haj pilgrimage this year. The tour is planned for two weeks.

Both the son and mother will be travelling as a part of a group. On 22nd October, they might have departed for Mina. They will perform Tawaf-e- Ziarat in Makkah, on 26th October. They will leave for Madinah, on 29th October and will board their flight home on 2nd November.