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Yash Chopra’s death is like a personal loss, says close friend

Srinagar, Oct.23 (ANI): Nazir Bakshi, a businessman and friend of Bollywood director Yash Chopra, has expressed his grief and sorrow over his demise.

Speaking in Srinagar, Bakshi said Chopra was almost like a part of him.

Chopra, known as India’s king of celluloid romance, died Sunday from Dengue and multiple organ failure. He was 80.

Bakshi said Chopra and he had been friends for more than four decades, and that he was probably one of the best people he had ever known in his life.

“You have got to understand the relationship. It was for the last 45 years. It was not a small relationship. It’s like as if you are losing something of your own, as if I have lost a part of my body, a part of my soul. Yashji was not only a friend; Yashji was not only a filmmaker. Yashji was a great human being. He was to the core, god’s own creation. One of the most beautiful, wonderful and loving persons I have ever met in my life,” said Bakshi.

Bakshi also said that Chopra loved Kashmir and that it was great that he shot here recently for his upcoming movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

“It was not much of a motivation to bring him down to Kashmir, because he wanted to come to Kashmir for so many years, but because of conditions here, he could not. But finally, he did come and I am happy he did come before he said bye. He went from this paradise to the one above. I am very happy that he visited Kashmir, I am sad because he went a little early,” Bakshi said. (ANI)