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Asia’s largest donkey fair in Jaipur attracts traders, farmers

Jaipur, Oct 23 (ANI): Hundreds of traders and farmers flocked to the annual donkey fair, which is believed to be Asia’s largest fair for the trading of donkeys in Jaipur.

Donkeys were brought in from various parts of northern India for sale. Some of the donkey sellers did brisk business and benefited from the trading on Monday at the fair.

A trader, Rajesh said that he had come to the fair to buy donkeys, and feed his family by trading in this manner.

“We come here to buy donkeys and we deal in trade, earn 10 rupees or so and feed our families. The specialty of this fair is that there is trading of donkeys that benefits us. The specialty of donkeys in Rajasthan is that they work hard, so we buy them and take them home,” he said.

The fair, which is held near the temple of Goddess Khalkani, has also been attracting horses and mules also for the last few years.

The traditional donkey fair being held in Kanotta village is 500 years old. With increased mechanization, the animal is losing its importance as the beast of burden.

The fair drew a large number of families, who brought along their children to teach them the importance of the animal.

“We just read about donkeys in books, but we rarely see them. There is a fair every year and I bring my children along for the event. Donkeys are hardworking, horses are meant for admiration and beauty. So, I want my children to know this that is why I bring them here every year,” said Feroz Khan, a visitor.

The fair offers several attractions for the visitors, including competitions and races. The winning beasts also fetch a good price at the fair. (ANI)