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UK set for good relationship with Gujarat

New Delhi, Oct 22 (): In a hope to extend ties with the British diplomat, the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi will be meeting the British High Commissioner to India, James Bevan today.

By maintaining the relationship with the Britain diplomat, Modi is trying to make the ties still stronger that have been worrying these days due to the communal violence which took place in Gujarat, in which three British nationals were also reportedly killed.

Modi believes the meeting to be an important event as it assures the continuation of the relationship with Gujarat. The British government a fortnight back gave the assurance to Modi about its willingness to maintain good relationship with Gujarat government.

It is believed that the British High Commissioner has offered inspiring trade and attractive investments in Gujarat and has also promised to enhance good relationship with the people of Gujarat.

Bevan though expressed his concern over the death of the three British nationals who were killed in the 2002 Gujarat riots, declared that the death occurred was due to the situation. Sources close to the ruling government in Gujarat said that today’s meeting will possibly pave way for the officials of the Britain to take part in the future Gujarat summit.

Bevan is also likely to meet Arjun Modhwadia, the Gujarat Congress chief as well as the Governor during his visit to the state. Welcoming the step taken by the UK government, Modi tweeted,” Better things are done later than never.”

Earlier after the Gujarat riot took place, the British were keeping distance by prohibiting themselves from having any sort of relationship with Modi. They also informed James Bevan to meet Chief Minister Naraendra Modi regarding the crisis that took place in Gujarat seeking justice to the families of those British nationals who were killed in the riot.

The US is still maintaining the ban on the Gujarat Chief Minister, said sources.