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TV digital transmission in metros to make viewer King

New Delhi/Chennai, Oct 22 () : Come October 31,all the TV viewers in four metros where only digital transmission of TV content will be beamed will be King.

Gone are the days when the local operator lorded over his domain when you complained of a trouble viewing a channel or were out-of-town when he came knocking on your door for his fees.

The DTH operators were no better and if you did not pay up, the signals went blank and then you had to pay reconnection services etc. All that is now a thing of the past.

MSO (multiple service operators) earlier decided how many channels we should not get but not any more. He has to bill directly to the customer and there is a DTH agent waiting to give you the entire world for a lesser fee.

For a MSO it costs Rs 1000 for a setup box and for DTH operator, it costs Rs 2500 for providing a connection with the dish. No one is grumbling. DTH big bosses feel that cable operators and in turn MSOs are least equipped to handle problems connected with digital transmission since it is a new ball game.

In the long run, customers would shift to DTH. Yet another problem is MSO-billed local operators and now they have to bill the customer. It means MSO is accountable to the customer and not a cable person. This again is a new game altogether.

Arasu cable network is finally limping into Chennai as MSOs are promising to deliver the goods after striking a deal with Sun Network to pay around Rs 300 crores a year.

DTH scenario has heated up. Dish TV says even if you did not recharge you can watch free to air channels numbering 100 for six months. MSOs might offer set-top boxes in installment payments and bear the cost of giving free channels in analog, say trade analysts.