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Self-immolation of a couple in Falaknuma passenger train reason behind fire mishap

Bangalore, Oct 22 ():The unknown reason behind the Oct 16 train fire accident that took place at Gulbarga railway station in which two people were reportedly dead has come to light after the railway police claimed that the accident occurred due to a couple who set fire to themselves in the toilet of the train.

“The fire which broke out on Oct 16  in the sixth bogie of the Falaknuma passenger train was due to self-immolation of a couple who set themselves ablaze in the toilet of the train at the time of its halt at the Gulbarga station,” said Srikantappa, Deputy Inspector General of Police to reporters.

Sharanappa and Varsha were in love with each other and were willing to get married, but the affair was opposed by the girl’s parents who even beat the girl for having an affair with Sharanappa, an auto driver.

The girl was a first-year student and was studying in a college in Bangalore. Both Sharanappa and Varsha used to meet in the Gulbarga station, and on the fateful day as regularly they met, they decided to take the extreme step by setting ablaze to themselves.

The man after bringing two litres of petrol from a bunk entered the toilet of the train along with his lover when the train was halted at the station. They then locked the doors of the toilet and set themselves on fire, said the police officer.

Police said that the matter came to light when one of Sharanappa’s friends who had been an eyewitness to the whole incident told the police while investigation. One of the bogies of the passenger train was set on fire while it was waiting in the station.

Out of fifteen passengers who were travelling in the ill-fated train, six jumped out of the train, while two died and others were injured in the mishap.