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Anna Hazare to step up his anti–corruption movement

Ralegan Siddhi, Oct 20 (): Veteran leader Anna Hazare, the hero of Ralegan Siddhi has decided to step up his anti–corruption movement by including well-known people like Gen V K Singh, former Army Chief and has also planned to launch centres for his movement at district level.

Hazare with an aim to enlarge his team is planning to include some more members who possess good knowledge in a number of fields such as decision making, legal matters as well as judiciary system.

“Earlier our movement was not registered, but this time we will not repeat the same. The movement will not be free and will function as a trust which would have a code of conduct. Our past experience has taught us hard lessons,” said Anna Hazare.

Former IPS officer Kiran Bedi, a social activist, who took part in today’s meeting said that the movement has planned to open its main headquarters in Ralegan Siddhi and other centers will be considered as  substitute centres.

Apart from the former Army chief, some more prominent personalities are also likely to support the movement which include former IPS officer Prakash Singh, P V Rajagopal as well as Minhas Merchant, said Bedi.

The movement will extend its support on core issues by taking right decisions which will be considered to be a comprehensive movement as well. Anna Hazare is also aiming the movement to function as a non-political body, said the former IPS officer.

The team has decided to arrange the next meeting of its movement in Ralegan Siddhi, on November 24 and 25. The movement will also be having young activists who will reach the people directly to help them in their needs, added Bedi, who added that the centre will also have separate branches for girls and boys.

“The veteran leader will be available any time for communication through video conferencing at our headquarters,” admitted Bedi.