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Y P Singh defends Nitin Gadkari, accuses Kejriwal of silence over Pawar

New Delhi, Oct 19 (): Former IPS officer turned lawyer Y P Singh criticized agriculture minister and NCP leader Sharad Pawar for being involved in the alleged scam of irrigation and condemned the act of IAC activist Arvind Kejriwal who failed to disclose the crucial information regarding the scam. Arvind Kejriwal had been partial in selecting the revelation, said Mr Singh.

Expressing his support to BJP president Nitin Gadkari who was charged by Arvind Kejriwal the previous day in a land grabbing case, Singh said Kejriwal had been maintaining silence by paying no attention to the shocking particulars against the Pawars.

He said that Kejriwal should have had  a second thought before levelling charges against people like Nitin Gadkari against whom there has not  yet  been a single charge. Singh came strongly in support of Nitin Gadkari whom Kejriwal accused of taking hold of the poor farmers by using his political power in the Maharashtra’s drought-prone Vidarbha region.

Kejriwal’s argument of giving back the farmers’ lands that were obtained after a public auction was not at all justified, said Mr Singh.

”As per the instruction of the Supreme Court, a land which is obtained through a public auction is not necessary to be returned back to the person who has already sold it,” observed Mr Singh. However YP Singh praised Kejriwal for taking courageous decision by exposing people like Sharad Pawar.

Slamming charges on the IAC activist, Singh said that Kejriwal wants to display act of kindness in the name of anti-corruption movement and then making use of the documents for the sake of his political agenda. Pointing towards Sharad Pawar in the Lavasa Corporation case, Y P Singh said that Sharad Pawar is the person who is responsible for the whole controversy.

Sharad Pawar was one among the fifteen ministers whom the IAC activist was charging to be corrupt, by sitting on a dharna at Jantar Mantar by holding an indefinite fast.