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Sonia slams BJP for corrupt practices

Mangalore, Oct 19 () : Criticizing the BJP for indulging in corrupt practices in a number of states,  UPA chairman Sonia Gandhi on Thursday declared that the Congress is the only party that had been working hard to expel  corruption when compared to others.

“We are aware that corruption is dangerous than the dreadful cancer. People most affected are the poor. None of the party had been struggling hard to wipe out corruption except the UPA. Intending to bring the RTI is for tackling the corruption, “claimed Sonia Gandhi while speaking in a public rally in Mangalore.

“The BJP had been showing as if it is fighting the corruption, but when they themselves are corrupt how will they fight?” asked the UPA chairman.

Sonia Gandhi made a one-day visit to Mangalore in order to boost support for her party for the upcoming election. She expressed her concern about the states which are under the BJP control to have fully submerged in corruption. She also said the people in the BJP-ruled Karnataka were totally disappointed due to the misdeed of the existing rule in the state. She slammed the BJP for playing double game in the issue on the Lokpal Bill.

”The ruling Congress at the centre was about to pass the Lokpal Bill but was thwarted by the opposition. We were successful in passing the bill in the Lok Sabha, but were stopped by the BJP in the Rajya Sabha,” admitted Sonia Gandhi.

Making use of the given situation, Sonia Gandhi was constantly hitting at the BJP for following the method of separating the country on communal basis, and added that the people should not spare these communal groups to rule any more.

 “One should not take things for granted. I have been requesting from the beginning to sort out the differences and struggle hard combined with each other so that the party comes out with good results,” asserted Sonia Gandhi.