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Kerala CM Chandy orders probe into T’puram Airport incident

Thiruvananthapuram, Oct 19 (ANI): Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has ordered a probe into the incident of protest by passengers of an Air India flight at the Thiruvananthapuram Airport.

Chandy has asked the Director General of Police K.S. Balasubramaniam to investigate the matter.

The Air India flight that was headed from Abu Dhabi to Kochi finally took off from the Thiruvananthapuram Airport earlier this Friday afternoon after nine hours of hijack drama.

There was high drama at the Thiruvananthapuram Airport here earlier, as the pilot of the Air India flight 4422, from Abu Dhabi to Kochi, sent out a hijack alert trigerring alarm.

The pilot claimed that he took the extreme step after some passengers reportedly tried to force their way into the cockpit.

According to reports, the passengers were angry as the flight, which was coming from Abu Dhabi, was diverted here at the last minute.

This flight was reportedly diverted to Thiruvananthapuram because of fog.