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Bigg Boss 6 : Legal trouble over national anthem row

Mumbai, Oct 19 (): India’s biggest reality show Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan has hogged the headlines as the show has been blamed of “commercially abusing” our national anthem.

On Wednesday, the High Court of Delhi asked central government to take appropriate action in a week against Colors TV channel for using National Anthem in theatres to promote Bigg Boss 6 across the country.

The court listened to a public’s court case on Wednesday that said ‘Bigg Boss’ familiar high-tone voice asked the audience in several cinema halls in New Delhi to stand for national anthem before the movie started or during intermission which caused “total commercial abuse of National Anthem and also hurting the sentimentalities of Indian citizens.”

The bench following the serious charges levelled by petitioner that National Anthem was insulted, directed the Central government to look after this PIL as representation and the complaints would be dealt with in accordance with the law. The bench added required action would be taken within a week by the ministry concerned against the alleged row.

Rajeev Mehra, Solicitor-General said in his report that the concerned Ministry would be informed to take proper action against this type of advertisement.

In the plea of the petitioner, it was said that he himself experienced it in two of the multiplexes he went to watch movies at different show hours. He further said that using our nation’s National Anthem for the show’s promotion was a disrespect to our country and anthem as well as such act forced on the public would hurt the feelings of the citizens of the country.

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