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Second Obama-Romney debate draws 65.6 million viewers

Washington, Oct 18 (): The second presidential debate, which was more combative, between President Barack Obama and Romney attracted as many as 65.6 million persons, Nielsen said.

However, less than 1.5 million people watched first debate held before two weeks, between Obama and Romney, when spectators gave low scores to Obama’s performance.

The debate was telecast live by 10 television networks. NBC got the largest crowd with about 13.8 million viewers. ABC News of Walt Disney Co, became the second popular telecast with about 12.5 million viewers. Fox News Channel came third with about 11.1 million viewers and CBS attracted about 8.9 million viewers. CNN received 5.8 million and MSNBC got 4.9 million viewers.

During the debate, both men seemed to be on even points, and mood of the debate was substantive and strong. The debate’s top subject was however on job creation, though other topics included questions of clean energy, illegal immigration, deficit reduction and equal payment for women.

While discussing about jobs, Romney consistently emphasized President on his record in office, saying that unemployment rate remains at 7.8 per cent, with “about 23 million struggling to get a job.” Regarding fair payment for women, Romney seemed to avoid clear recognition of pay gap as the post-poll reviews given out by several media suggested that response was not popular.

Debate saw only few lighter moments and both the presidential candidates made an effort to take hold of the momentum and at some points they looked almost intruding into other’s personal territory. Then both men walked away to greet their families and spouses.

The result is a race that is at once clearer and just as uncertain. It is clearer because both candidates crystallized the vision of their opponent.

For Obama, Romney is an out-of-touch plutocrat who invests in China and pays a lower tax rate, has a “sketchy deal” for the common man and is more extreme than George W. Bush.

For Romney, Obama is simply a failure, and the sluggish economy is the evidence.

The final and third debate will be held on 22 October, in Boca Raton, Florida. That debate will focus completely on foreign policy issues.