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Oz Opposition leader welcomes Order of Australia award to Tendulkar

Melbourne, Oct 17 (ANI): Australia’s Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has welcomed the decision to award the country’s top most civil honour to cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that Tendulkar would be conferred with the Order of Australia award.

Gillard, who made the announcement during a visit to a cricket clinic in New Delhi on Tuesday, said the “special honour”, would be awarded by Australian cabinet minister Simon Crean when he visits India soon.

Abbott on Wednesday told reporters he welcomed the decision, saying the batsman had given a lot of pleasure to Australian cricket fans over the years, the AAP reports.

“I think it’s fair enough for him to be acknowledged and recognised as someone who has been a great figure in what is for us a great game,” he said.

“I say good on Sachin Tendulkar for everything that he’s done for millions of cricket fans right around the world.” (ANI)