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Oz man ‘spots’ two UFOs flying above Pacific ocean

Melbourne, Oct 17 (ANI): An Australian man has claimed that he saw two UFOs hovering over the ocean off Collaroy, New South Wales.

Brett Vollus, who lives in a unit overlooking Collaroy, spotted purple and blue lights above the ocean at 5 am.

“I thought ‘that’s a bright star’,” the Daily Telegraph quoted him as saying.

He zoomed in with his iPhone and saw that the two objects were travelling around each other.

“I thought it was a helicopter but it wasn’t making a sound. It looked like something out of this world.

“They were moving in and out of each other and the lights were really bright,” he said.

Vollus said he watched the spectacle for about 40 minutes before the UFO’s “just disappeared”.

“I was quite freaked out after,” he added.

The President of UFO Research (NSW), Mariana Flynn said they had no UFO sighting reports called in. (ANI)