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New nuclear report reveals Chinese fears over ‘potential complications’ during reactors’ operation

Washington, Oct. 17 (ANI): A report by China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection has revealed the country’s fears over the running of a fleet of nuclear reactors, including potential complications from the sheer variety of reactors in operation.

The report, approved by the State Council, is part of a broader effort by Beijing to evaluate safety in the country’s nuclear-power industry through 2020, and helping the nation pave way for approvals of new reactors in the world’s most important nuclear-power growth market to resume.

The report suggested that the Chinese Government is moving closer to restarting the approvals process for reactor expansion, which was suspended following Japan’s Fukushima disaster last year, the Wall Street Journal reports.

“The current [nuclear] safety situation isn’t optimistic. China has multiple types of nuclear reactors, multiple technologies and multiple standards of safety, which makes them hard to manage,” the report said, adding that the operation and construction of nuclear reactors must improve.

It remains unclear, however, when authorities will issue a highly anticipated report expected to detail China’s post-Fukushima nuclear development plans or when approvals might restart.

The Environment Ministry also said there were problems involved with uranium mining and that monitoring radiation was a challenge, though it didn’t offer details.

China’s government hopes that by 2015 it can dramatically reduce the risks posed by nuclear power and that its nuclear safety will reach international standards by 2020, the report said. (ANI)