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Lankan military authorities free ex- top LTTE commander

Colombo, Oct.17 (ANI): Sri Lankan military authorities on Wednesday a former senior LTTE commander from its custody, and said that he was free to continue with his work for charity.

Kumaran Pathmanathan alias KP is the last leader of the Tamil Tigers who is wanted in India in connection with the 1991 Rajiv Gandhi assassination case.

KP, 58, has been released said Lakshman Hulugalle, the head of the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry’s media centre.

“Practically, there is no detention now. He is running a non-government organisation and doing work for the benefit of the people… And he is free to do his work. There is no court case against him,” Hulugalle told reporters in Colombo.

He added: “He has every right to operate from that area more so because his NGO is going to get involved in the development of the area. It is a major victory for us that someone who had worked against us previously as a leader of the Tamils has now agreed to be a partner in development.” (ANI)