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Doctors’ negligence claims lives of two children in Bhopal hospital

Bhopal, Oct.17 (ANI): Parents at a Bhopal hospital have charged doctors’ with negligence that has claimed the lives of two children.

Around 25 other children have also fallen ill.

The parents alleged that the children started falling ill 10-15 minutes after the doctors gave them injections.

“Within 10-15 minutes of giving the injection, the child caught fever and started shivering. We were then called on the ground floor of the office and suddenly all the children, who were given the injection, started falling ill. We are not aware as to whose fault it is and the hospital authorities have also not informed us about anything. Two children have died and 25 have fallen ill,” said Hema Aggarwal, a parent.

The police officials arrived at the hospital and have started investigating the matter. However, they said that no complaint has been registered against the hospital authorities.

“In the investigation, we have found that the children were ill and were being treated by the doctors,” said Aggarwal.

Despite India’s rapid economic growth, its healthcare system has remained in the doldrums and is struggling with high rates of child and maternal deaths.

Child mortality rates have fallen in recent years in India, which ranks among the fastest growing economies, but its neonatal mortality rate is worse than its poorer neighbours Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. (ANI)