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Artists decorate makeshift tents based on various themes in Kolkata, Siliguri

Kolkata/Siliguri, Oct.17 (ANI): A festive fever has gripped West Bengal as artisans decorated makeshift tents based on different themes like including popular colourful rickshaws from Bangladesh.

Artists are busy giving final touches to the idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses and they are painting colourful rickshaws from Bangladesh in Kolkata city on Wednesday.

Artist Pradip Das said that the theme comprised a blend of Bangladeshi rickshaws and Indian designs.

“The theme is an amalgamation of Bangladesh rickshaw which is about 30 feet and Indian rickshaw. We are decorating the colourful rickshaws which ply in Bangladesh with Indian art work. The theme is India-Bangladesh collaborative theme,” said Das.

The secretary of the Bandhushree Club, Pappu Haldar, said this new theme would boost relations between India and Bangladesh.

“This will enhance relations between India and Bangladesh and an artist from Bangladesh is also coming to paint and will stay for the Puja and will also inform people about his art work,” said Haldar.

Artisans in Siliguri town of Darjeeling district were also engaged in decorating the makeshift tents based on different themes.

The senior member of central colony puja committee, Kanchan Roy said that the decoration of the makeshift tent is being done as various competitions are taking place.

“This year the theme of Puja is “Jiban Tari”. We are making it with the help of renowned artists from Kolkata. We are doing theme based puja because of the competition,” said Roy.

A large number of artisans and workers are involved in the making of idols and ornaments and also creates short term employment opportunities.

Durga Puja is one of India’s most famous festivals. Legend has it that “Asuras” or demons from the underworld invaded the heavens after a hundred years of war with the gods.

The Hindu trinity of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu created Goddess Durga, the most powerful of all gods and goddesses to vanquish the demons, hence the term ‘Durga Puja’ which means worshipping the Goddess.

It is believed that the Goddess makes her annual visit to the world and the festivities are meant to welcome her.

On this occasion, homes are re-painted and decorated to ‘receive’ the goddess. Small idols of the goddess are also installed to worship her.

The festival culminates with the immersion of the ‘Durga’ idols into water bodies. (ANI)