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Pakistani school girl attacked by Taliban sent to UK for treatment

Islamabad, Oct 16 (): Pakistani school girl  Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by Taliban in the head a week ago when she was campaigning for the young females’ right to education is shifted to UK for specialised medical treatment, a military official said on Monday.

In UK, she will be given “prolonged care” which could involve replacement and repair of damaged bones of her skull and intensive neurorehabilitation.

Malala, 14, was shot last Tuesday during an attack, which prompted widespread revolt in Pakistan and as well as abroad. Malala was saved in a military hospital in Pakistan by neurosurgeons and since then she has been in the intensive care.

Doctors recommended the family members of Malala to transfer her to a medical centre in UK “which has capability to offer integrated care to the children who sustained severe injuries”, a military spokesman of Pakistan said. The girl was taken in a flight on Monday morning from Rawalpindi. She is travelling in a specially prepared air ambulance leased by UAE under the assistance of an army intensive care and she will be given treatment at NHS hospital, UK.

The government of Pakistan is bearing the treatment and transportation expenses. William Hague, UK foreign secretary, said the barbaric attack last week on Malala and her friends shocked the whole world.

The Foreign Office said Malala was moved to UK after an offer given by UK government to help Malala in any way that it could.

Hague said that the public condemnation and revulsion of this coward attack shows the Pakistani people will not be attacked by terrorist. He further added UK always stands shoulder-shoulder with Pakistan in its battle against terrorism.

Malala got attention at the age of 11, when she first started writing a diary for BBC Urdu about life under the Taliban. She used pen-name Gul Makai and wrote about the sufferings under the militants who took control of Swat Valley in 2007 and ordered to close girls’ schools.

Previously, she had received death threats from Taliban and she was attacked last Tuesday when she was returning home in a van from her school in Mingora, north-western Swat. One gunman got into the school van and asked which girl was Malala before he hit her in the head and fired three shots and injured two others.

The Taliban has warned they will target Malala Yousafzai again.