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Mamata: Reason behind increase in rapes due to free movement of men and women

Kolkata, Oct 16 (): Giving her judgment on the growing cases of rape in the country, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said that one of the main reasons for the increase in rape cases in the country is due to the rise in free movement between men and women.

“Earlier when a girl and a boy communicated with each other, they would be strictly warned by parents. But now things have changed upside down. Everything is done in open like an open market,” said Mamata.

Even a section of media has to be blamed as some channels hide the fact and to get publicity they are spreading unwanted rumors which create great panic among the people.

“In our news channels, alternate days there is news on rape as if the whole country has turned rapist. This is not a good sign and people of the country will not accept this. I suggest the media people that by flashing such negative reports can only further weaken things, said Mamata.

She also expressed her displeasure over the attack on her government by some of the news channels blowing up her administration intending to spoil her reputation, said the West Bengal chief Minister while making public about the special puja magazine of Trinamool Congress “Jago Bangla”, in Kolkata.

Mamata said that information has to be carried by media in order to serve the people by fetching knowledge about the surroundings. “But there are some media which indulge in goondaism, “said the Bengal Didi.

She also felt sorry by saying that the media had not yet highlighted positive side of her government who had always instead showed much interest in destroying Bengal’s tradition.

Warning the media who had been spreading canards against her administration she said, ” I warn severely  those trying to ruin Bengal’s image and  the consequences can be severe as well.”