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Flight delay holds up Pietersen’s ‘reintegration’ process

London, Oct. 16 (ANI): The delay in the British Airways flight from Johannesburg to London brought a new twist to the Kevin Pietersen saga, resulting in his “reintegration” process getting postponed.

Pietersen’s British Airways flight was delayed by 24 hours, which resulted in him missing a scheduled meeting with one senior England player in London on Monday afternoon.

Pietersen has agreed to fly home for three days between matches for Delhi Daredevils in the Champions League Twenty20 tournament being held in South Africa.

It is seen as an important step in repairing relations with his England colleagues and management, The Telegraph reports.

He is due to hold a series of face-to-face meetings with senior players, coaches and captain as England decides whether to add him to the squad for the tour to India.

There have been positive comments from senior England players over the past week but the outcome of this week’s meetings will go a long way to determining whether he makes the India tour, the paper said. (ANI)