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Yet another shocking disclosure of rape in Haryana

Haryana, Oct 15 (): Yet another shocking disclosure of a rape case in Haryana has come to light in which a thirteen-year-old minor girl had been raped by a fruit vendor in Haryana’s Fatehabad district, said the police.

Sixty-year old Sohan Lal, a fruit seller was arrested on Sunday by the Haryana police. The victim’s mother filed a police complaint against   Sohan Lal charging him to have raped her daughter while she was in her school. After the police complaint, the victim underwent a medical checkup in which it was revealed that the girl had been raped.

The accused had been selling fruits outside the school; he used to attract the girl by providing fruits to her free of cost. Not realizing the man’s intentions, the minor girl fell into his trap and was raped by the man continuously for three months.

The girl one day complained about the vendor to her parents and was revealed to the school principal who in turn expelled the victim and her two sisters from the school. The village panchayat and the school principal decided to send the girl and her sisters back home following the incident of rape.

The state of Haryana has been hitting the headlines in the recent past with continuous reports of rape incidents coming periodically from all over the state. The Congress president Sonia Gandhi made a visit to the state last week in connection with the incident in which a Dalit girl who was gang raped committed suicide in Jind district of Haryana.

Earlier, in a Khap panchayat after the series of rape incidents took place, shockingly it was suggested to marry off girl children before eighteen years as this could protect the girl from being raped. Justifying the decision taken by the Khap panchayat, former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala said that early marriage of girls can be the only way to prevent the rising crisis.